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List of All Ports (700KB)
Port Service Description Status
20 ftp-data Port used from ftp servers to send the data to the client Not checked
21 ftp Port used to control the client session Not checked
22 ssh Remote access service, most common on *nix servers Not checked
23 telnet Remote access service, most common on modens, firewalls and routers Not checked
25 smtp Service that send emails, like sendmail. Not checked
43 nicname Service that checks domain names registration Not checked
53 domain Address name resolution service, like nettools.virtual.vps-host.net to Not checked
80 http Whitout this protocol internet don´t exist. All web sites use this protocol. Like www.google.com Not checked
110 pop3 Protocol used to receive emails Not checked
143 imap Like POP, but very better Not checked
443 https Like HTTP, but all the traffic is cryptographed, specially used in web sites how requires important informations like credicard numbers Not checked
523 ibm-db2 IBM database solution, one of the most robust solutions Not checked
993 imaps Like IMAP, but cryptographed. Not checked
1433 ms-sql-s A very robust database server from Microsoft. Not checked
1521 oraclesrv Consider the best database. Most of the big companies use it. Not checked
1723 pptp VPN (Virtual Private Network) Not checked
3306 mysql The world´s most popular open source database, the best choice for small web applications. Not checked
3389 ms-wbt-server Microsoft Remote Desktop Server, allow people to control your computer remotely. Try Start > run > mstsc.exe Not checked
5432 postgresql The world´s most advanced open source database Not checked
5900 vnc-server Allow people to control your desktop remotely, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Not checked